Life evaluation | Lesson # 93

Life evaluation | Lesson # 93 : There comes a time, after all the hardships over the years, where dudes took my love and faithfulness for granted, that there is a peace inside of me knowing that I deserve the BEST. I put my work in, and now realize that: I WILL NOT chase anyone for love, and have someone chase me. I WILL NOT compromise myself in order to be with someone that feels half of what I feel. I WILL NOT let my guard down. I know BOYS play the field but MEN win the game.


2 thoughts on “Life evaluation | Lesson # 93”

  1. Love is a Choice. Love is a Risk. Love can be Painful….but…..Love should be Bliss.
    Love is your Touch. Love is your Kiss. Your Love is Special……..because it is yours…and ..
    your Love…………..is His.. #Mr.Write

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