Quick Rant | Disappointments

Every time a disappointments come… I work harder. I pray harder. I get everything I get everything done that I have been meaning to do. That’s why you probably see my life flourishing, sometimes beyond what I can handle. Because disappointments make me stronger, wiser and ultimately gets me to that next level. What do you do with your disappointments? #ponderthat

2 thoughts on “Quick Rant | Disappointments”

  1. I once heard a motivational speaker (Jim Rohn) say: ” Life is an ocean and we are all in our own little sail boats. It’s not what happens to you in life, no, to the contrary, it is WHAT YOU DO about what happens to you in your life.” The scriptures say that the Sun rises on the just and……the unjust. God has no respect of persons. We are all equally entitled as heirs to the favor and blessings that flow from the throne of the Most High God. The question is….do we take advantage of that heritage or do we waste our divine inheritance like the Prodigal Son? Myself, I have learned to discipline my disappointments. I understand that things do not always go as desired or as planned but ultimately, what can you really do about things that you cannot control? The answer (in my opinion) is leave it to God (through Prayer) and keep moving forward. Faith without works is DEAD. That means we are responsible to God to DO SOMETHING in order for things to be as he would desire for our lives. Point is………We have stake in this…..just as much as he does and the truth is…most of the time….God is waiting to see what we will do before he makes any moves whatsoever. Lastly, there is a prayer that I speak daily that helps me deal with the troubling storms of life. I would like to share it with You. It goes like this….:”God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I CANNOT change, the Courage to changes the things that I CAN……..& the WISDOM to just……………………know the difference.” ………………………………………Simple, but very effective. I hope you Have a wonderful day! 🙂

    1. You are so right! God does require of us to act out our faith because we believe. There are a lot of things in my life I don’t understand, but the One I can trust is Him ❤

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