Women Encouragement to Inspire

This was actually put in me today to share with myself. But I wanted to share with others just in case someone needed it, now or in the future.

These are just a few ‘quotes’ and sayings I looked up on a ‘woman’s strength’ and a ‘strong woman’. I don’t think men will ever understand the strength within a woman. How we manage to return to reality after our past and our skeletons. How we manage, by ourselves, to make a comeback from nothing.

I have heard many men say, ‘she crazy’. I have had a man tell me ‘you have some issues.’ And I believe, like the quote below says, only certain men can really handle a broken woman. Getting into any type of relationship with her, whether it be physical, sexual, friendship or relationship with a woman that has been battered and bruised (physically and emotionally), a new man can tell where she has been by the way she acts. The questioning, insecurity, cries, the wall… But only real men will stick around and prove opposite of what she already know about men. Punks will add to it. (Excuse my terminology.) But only those who aren’t really willing to put in the work of showing women a ‘new guy’ will say things like ‘oh she crazy, she got issues, theres something wrong with her’ and also make her feel forced to change her perception of men on her own.

How can a woman do that without having a man in her life to prove this to? Just a thought and a question, actually, to men out there. Maybe it is so easier for men to do the former than to put into work to prove that ‘real standup’ guys are out there. Until then, we are proven opposite.

Just encouraging US (women) to know that each individual woman is not alone.  Collectively, we do go through this from time to time. Just a little positive messages below.


2 thoughts on “Women Encouragement to Inspire”

  1. As I read your post, you have selected a historically challenging topic to discuss. Please allow me to share just a few of my thoughts.

    I agree with you. I personally believe Strength is developed through perseverance.. through struggle…other times, through pain. Our perception of these things is very undesirable to us if we had to choose, but, without these challenging things that transpire in our lives, how could we then measure how strong we are? Truth is that it is our “Giants” in our lives that we have “Slayed” with the help of God that builds our confidence, builds our strength…that builds our courage to accept the next challenge. See, you are absolutely a Beautiful Woman….Full of Strength and Full of Courage. You have no fears in moving to the next stage because you have conquered Amazing things in your life. You have beat massive odds against you and you have increased your faith and you have “Survived”. Through ups……………..& downs…disappointments…trials…troubles…broken hearts…& pain. The Truth is that you are not “Damaged”. Truth is that you are NOT “Crazy”. Truth is that we ALL have our own personal issues and views based on our circumstances in the past that has shaped our current perception of things in Life. It’s no different than that Toddler who burnt his finger last time he touched the stove and guess what, next time…he’s not going nowhere NEAR that stove. See, We live and we learn. It’s God given, human nature. The Truth is that YOU ARE an “Amazing Testament”. Your past choices, decisions, actions, and reactions have all been instrumental in where God is taking YOU. Please believe he has a PLAN to use those old “Skeletons” in your closet to mend those “Fractured Bones” in the closet…………………of someone else. That’s how HE works. In your beautiful “Angelic Dance” that you display……. Imagine you being able to stand in a room full of Young Women, as Beautiful as you are, Confident, Strong, Healthy, as an encouraging Sister, Aunt, Niece, New Wife and a New Mother. Imagine you standing in a room full of Young Women who are just looking for that “Someone” they can connect to…relate to…connect with………aspire to be “Like”. Someone who can look them in their eyes and tell them the TRUTH: God is real and he DOES Love them no matter what they have been through and no matter what they have been through, they can make it. Someone that can hug them tightly and share intimately in their pains and sorrows and then help usher them into a “New Growth” and a “New Life”. Consider the fact that some of the Heartbreaks that we have experienced in our Lives were SO HARD for us to swallow but in fact, may have been “Spiritual Food”, for the next Young Man or Young Women who is in those same circumstances as we speak but just can’t see the way out. Sometimes, it’s not even about us. Consider sharing of your story helping lift the burdens in someone young lady’s life. Imagine 25 Women….maybe 75…maybe 100..maybe 1000….and helping them…………. find their “Path to Healing.” Why? Because through it all….you survived and you ultimately found your path. See, You are a Wonderful and Beautiful example of what GOD can DO if you simply allow HIM to work. Although we are not at the “Gates of Perfection” quite yet…nor do we claim to be…. but we simply acknowledge that we are a work in progress with an ultimate goal of just being who and what God desires for us to be and in that…………………………………………………we a striving everyday, towards…………………………………………………………….Perfection.

    Be Blessed & Encouraged…

    Yours Truly,

    Mr. Write


    1. Well alrighty! That was a mouthful right there. I appreciate you seeing this in me. Sort of boost my confidence to know that people see these qualities in me, to suggest to keep doing what I am doing. Amazing how you see that I want to make women stronger. Because I really do and that is what I really am about. I’ve been there, so women don’t have to. Thanks again~!

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