Gods Love

Gods Love

…the best love


1 thought on “Gods Love”

  1. This is a Lovely picture.The embodiment of beauty perfected in this photo reflects the beautiful image of Love. Love through commitment, dedication and Love through obedience to God’s Word. God’s Love toward us is transparent as we each reflect the Love of Christ, one towards another. We are charged to spread that same Love. We all have Loved Ones. Those who are close to you, know all about you, and still Love You. We all have Family. We all have Friends. But God has shown us his unconditional Love creating Man and out of Man, Woman establishing the first institution of family, a “Pure Bond of Love” through His Word, Love and obedience.

    I look at this picture & I see a silent and beautiful description of Faith being the CENTER of this Love. The Silent Kiss. The clutch of their hands. The tear stained glass. The rings on their fingers. The Bond of Matrimony. This displays the true “Spirit of Love.” The commitment, dedication, & aspirations equally expressed to God in a Special Ceremony with Friends, Family and those who are close to you present to witness “True Love” shared beyond comprehension to those who are outside of that “One Love & One Bond” that only two made for each other can share. Vows made in the presence of God, his unconditional commitment to Loving You and only You. Your unconditional Vow to Loving him and only him.

    One Word:

    Awesome 🙂

    Be Blessed,

    Yours Truly,

    Mr. Write


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