Sometimes I feel the whole world is backwards. I mean, everyone is going to do what they want to do anyway, right?

About 2 days ago, I realized my way of thinking has totally evolved into a mature state. Talking with my guy, he told me ‘this is why you are so different’. And I can see why. I look at other people and I’m like, pity. People put more trust in a relationship over God. Why is this so backwards? One minute, ‘I give praise and honor to God’ and next minute ‘…I’ll do anything for her’. Anything huh? What about the people who are so devoted to 1 thing and the next week, act as though it never existed in their life? Friendships? Relationships? Predicaments where you had a BEST friend, and the next thing you know, it’s ghost world.

People get so caught up in moment decisions, they fail to realize they can step back and look at the entire picture. That’s our problem today. To many ‘moment’ decisions and not enough ‘lasting’ ones. But the decision really comes when you realize the decision you made in the moment isn’t the only option. To many people trying to get a team together because they want to do what’s wrong, and no one wants to be right. Its hard to be right. I realized that. And too many people out doing wrong because wrong feels good, and RIGHT puts people in the ‘lame’ position. Doing what’s RIGHT puts people in a bad headspace. Doing what’s RIGHT may cost people family & friends, but then again, these are the people that put trust in fellow men. Their lives are depending on what other people say about them instead of what they say about themselves. And how can we live this way? Living for the approval of what people say about us?

And these stupid relationships we try to figure out anyways. Some things are complicated, but some things are really not. We look and dig deep to find an answer that was already presented to us a long time ago. We still searching to see if this guy is the right person for us, but told you verbally about him the 2nd week of dating. We so in search of trying to change and thinking we can change a person, instead of changing yourself in the situation. When somebody shows themselves, believe them. It’s not that hard. Signs were giving long before the feelings, but yet it’s always that glimpse of ‘hope’ somewhere. Foolish.

Anything that can get you ahead, even trampling on others, we will graciously do. Defeats the purpose of Galatians 5:22-23. Greed, Money and Prosperity blinds us so much, we forget how to live, act, walk, talk and interact with others. We will hurt others feelings before we will deal with our own messed up self. Because we find comfort in knowing others are also messed up too. And to broadcast their problems and cover up ours is what we do. We are so gone on half lies and don’t want to hear whole truths sometimes. Because, TRUTH hurts us. And we would rather face our manipulation of a single lie. Because it sounds good to us. Of course we would rather stay in our comfort zone, even when comfort is uncomfortable. I heard this the other day. We are so comfortably uncomfortable, because that is all we know. We would rather live paycheck to paycheck. Penny to Penny. Because that is all we know. No need to get ahead in life. Just fine where we are. No need of building a legacy for our children, and our children’s children. Because we are living JUST enough.

Gossip more than prayers. Talk more than silence. Discomfort more than comfort. Hate more than love. Us.


1 thought on “Us.”

  1. Yes. You are absolutely correct Miss Zellner. The whole world is backwards. Prime example: Bishop Eddie Long. Now, we can speculate as to the truth of those sexual molestation allegations, (rather not) but in my opinion, there was definitely inappropriate activities being carried out during the duration of his leadership. This brings a question to mind: Has money become the primary motivator for our Religious Leaders? Are Private Jets, Mansions, and Million Dollar bank accounts what the “call to ministry” is all about now? Seriously.

    Another example: I’m not really of fan of reality shows but I did get a chance to check out the “The Preachers of LA” over the weekend. It absolutely blew my mind. Just to see the level of disrespect, ignorance, arrogance and pride shown by the members of the cast who claim to be true, “Men of God”. To me…we have slipped so far away from the basic principles set forth for us in the scriptures. One of the preachers on the show was dating a lady in the choir, had a baby out of wedlock (common nowadays) then wanted to have a wedding and get married on the show. I’m like, HUH?!?!?! What do you call that?!?!?!?! Only word that came to mind was this:”BACKWARDS”

    Do people put more trust in their relationships over God? Yes they do.There are so many examples in the scriptures of Holy Men, chosen after God’s own heart for a specific purpose, knocked off course by the influences of a relationship. The Scriptures provide us with stories such as in the beginning: Adam & Eve, David and Bathsheba, Samson and Delilah, Bill and Hillary (lol). In my opinion, since the beginning of time, it has been and continues to be that struggle in a Man between choosing what he knows is right is his heart, mind and spirit and between those lustful desires of the flesh that seek only to please the desires of the body. Now those lustful desires of the body is not just limited to sex. As you mentioned earlier, Money, Power, Fame, Greed etc..these are also desires of the flesh and a lot of times, it can mean more to a person to have Money, Power, Fame etc. A lot of Men feel once they obtain the Money, Power, Fame and Respect, they will then have the type of Woman they desire, by default.

    As an adult, things are much more simple now. As a Man, I personally believe there is a time, place and season for everything. The question is having the Wisdom to identify what season we are actually in. It’s like you mentioned earlier, people are so comfortable being in their comfort zones. Through time and experience, I have learned, God has a specific purpose & I bumped my head a few times trying to go the opposite direction only to finally realize that God orchestrates events to ultimately bring us to a place of Faith and Maturity.

    Honestly, in my opinion, I could care LESS what people think about me and a whole lot less on what they say. Seriously. You know why? It matters NOT. As long as you stand up for your beliefs, I could care less on an individual’s opinion. Seriously, I mean, they tortured and killed the Son of God, why should I believe that this world will treat you or me any different? Fact is: I don’t. I’d rather not even set myself up with that expectation, personally. Instead, I have just learned to Trust God’s direction and let the rest fall as it may………

    In the past, making decisions on ‘Feelings in the Moment” did not always provide desired results. Immediate results: Yes. Desired results: Not so much.

    As a result, nowadays, I personally believe taking the time to communicate, discover, and share experiences in a mutual friendship (such as ours) creates a much stronger foundation for any interaction that may be in the future. As a Beautiful, Strong & Intelligent Woman of Faith and Courage…..I commend you on your personal and spiritual progress and I encourage you to continue in your personal and professional endeavors.

    “Delight thyself also in the Lord, and he shall give you the desires of your heart.” Psalms 37:4

    Just a few thoughts…

    Be Blessed,

    Yours Truly,

    Mr. Write


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