“A good guy doesn’t just mean that you don’t cheat. You have to be good in other areas too.”

I’m just sayin’… Does anyone else feels like this? There is more work to be done than just ‘not’ to cheat. There has to be discipline in all areas of your relationship life. As well as it goes for ladies as well. Time and time again people get into relationships and think there is NO work to be done besides keeping their privates to themselves. But there is more work, dedication and strength to be in relationships than merely that.

Why some relationships fail? The people in it don’t take their initial ‘vow’ seriously. They forget all about it. They come in it NOT seeing the finished product. They just expect to do the least amount of work and get the most credit, because you kept your pants zipped?


1 thought on “Quote”

  1. You are absolutely ‘write’ my lady. Actions speak louder than words. Being monogamous in a relationship should be expected (in my opinion) and should be non-negotiable.I think what is most important besides Love, Respect and Honesty is definitely Loyalty and Trust. You trust your partner to be Loyal to Friendship as well as Loyal to the Relationship and if you don’t have that Trust established it becomes extremely difficult to progress anywhere in a Relationship.

    Actions speak louder than words and you can always tell how someone feels about you by the way that they treat you. People can say one thing and then turn around and do another thing and sometimes it makes it extremely difficult in just believing what a person says. If he says that he really loves you, then you should not only hear those words consistently,, but more importantly you should FEEL that proclaimed LOVE. His embraces, his tone, his speech, his actions all should reflect that Love and if it is genuine, then he is kind, patient, caring,& thoughtful are all indications of what Love truly is and any material things that he gives as ‘gifts’ to you should all compliment that Love that he has for YOU.

    Just a few thoughts…

    Talk to you Soon,

    Be Blessed,



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