Believe in Your Prayers

Ever feel God doesn't hear you when you pray? I know I have had times where I have prayed and I felt like God was just staring right back at me, saying not a word. And I’m like, “God are you there? Are you listening? Are you hearing me? Hello?!” And He is just like,… Continue reading Believe in Your Prayers


In All Fairness…

In my 6 years of employment at my job, I have been blessed to have endured so much training that I would later need in business and as well as in life. (See how great God works, if I had left a long time ago… like a year or two after employment, I would have… Continue reading In All Fairness…


Lyrical Therapy | Hold Me Now Kirk Franklin

The spring of April's gone, the leaves have all turned brown. The children are all grown up, and there's no one around. I'm looking over my life, and all the mistakes I've made. And I'm afraid. Afraid. Somebody told me that You would wash all my sins, and cleanse me from the scars that are… Continue reading Lyrical Therapy | Hold Me Now Kirk Franklin