The Single Life Woes

*This was a personal blog I wrote 3 years ago, before I was engaged, married and with kids. This has been edited to fit context now.* How can you make a single person insecure? Ask them when they going to settle down and have kids. Excuse my rant, but I don't get why they don't… Continue reading The Single Life Woes


Last Piece of Cake?

Any one of my ladies remember that saying “If the guy you’re interested in, offers you the last piece of cake, then he’s a keeper”? I don’t know why it’s embedded in me but in my mental, but when I fix my husband’s plate I always: Fix it before mines Give him the best pieces… Continue reading Last Piece of Cake?

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I’m Tired of Doing Good!

The Lord spoke to me one morning out the blue, “The reason why my people get frustrated is because they grow weary of doing good.” Immediately I went to that verse in the bible Galatians 6:9. Of all the translations, I liked this one the most: “We can’t allow ourselves to get tired of living… Continue reading I’m Tired of Doing Good!