Life Advice

Reasons and Relationships

"Not every relationship is supposed to be a romantic one." These words keep ringing in my ear after last Sunday's messaged spoken through our Prophetess of the church. I am reminded of some years ago I uttered the same words to a Singles Ministry session I held at my church. "When you establish a friendship… Continue reading Reasons and Relationships


When the Bad Things in Life are Ordered

I can’t help but feel that God sometimes order things to happen, so He can redirect our focus towards him. I was driving in to work one morning and all I could hear was – Jesus needed Judas. When I first learned of the story of Jesus crucifixion, I was so mad with Judas and how he… Continue reading When the Bad Things in Life are Ordered

Life Advice

Four Creams and Four Sugars

I didn't know a cup of coffee would remind me - you have to follow up your words & promises with actions. I was in the busy drive-thru lane at a popular chain restaurant. It was a foggy cold morning, and what would have soothe my soul would be a large coffee - four creams four… Continue reading Four Creams and Four Sugars