Mad For Righteousness Sake

When Jesus flipped tables and drove out sellers in the temple at a time approaching Passover, He had a righteous anger. (You can read the story here in John and here in Matthew.) He was upset because the people turned God’s house into a place of business instead of keeping it for it’s purpose as… Continue reading Mad For Righteousness Sake


Gold v. Gold Plated | Relationships

How do you walk into a marriage with such high hopes then left with no hope? You find yourself questioning God and yourself: Why did God allow this? Why was His promptings not as clear? Why was I not listening? I was excited – I dated, courted and fell in love with an anointed believer… Continue reading Gold v. Gold Plated | Relationships


You Are Beautiful

“I want to let you know you are beautiful!” I just got a compliment from a guy pulling out of the carwash. “I love your outfit and want to let you know you are a beautiful woman.” These words mean so much to someone who feels defeated. Push aside the scorns and judgements of the… Continue reading You Are Beautiful