God Will Give You His Desires

Anyone ever read Psalms 37:4? I believe this was the first verse I ever learned as a kid. I remember a specific time in my life going to Sunday school and we had to learn individual bible verses. My mom gave me this verse, which still holds dear to my heart to this day: Psalm… Continue reading God Will Give You His Desires


Self Sacrificial Leadership

Who doesn’t love Chick-fil-a?  Aside from the fact their customer service is excellent and their food taste like it was made with love – Chick-fil-a in my book rates above any other fast food restaurant. To be honest, it rates in my opinion above any sit-down restaurant as well. I mean, their drive thru process is… Continue reading Self Sacrificial Leadership


Praying Over…

You may not can change a person or a place, but you can definitely trust God to change the atmosphere in which you dwell. I had to come into grips with this as I entered another day at my place of work. God has told me in the past, “Amber you are doing it the… Continue reading Praying Over…