A Charge to Parents

“What a child says, he has heard at home.” – African Proverb My heart literally hurts for this generation and the soon to come. I often wonder and ask God “How am I supposed to raise my daughter in a generation of rebels and undisciplined kids?” The thought sends fear up and down my spine. … Continue reading A Charge to Parents


When you should have been paying attention all along and now you've been fed to the sharks... That's how I feel right now. My crutch has now been removed at my job and I have to actually survive on my own. That awkward moment when you realize you should have been paying attention all along. … Continue reading Crutches

2017 Has Taught Me

The best lessons come from experiences. Here are some of my favorite lessons that I have learned through the 2017 year... Always, always, always trust the Holy Spirit’s guidance. Some call it the “gut” feeling – but whatever you call it, it is almost NEVER wrong. And always, always, always ask for the Holy Spirits … Continue reading 2017 Has Taught Me