I’m Tired of Doing Good!

The Lord spoke to me one morning out the blue, “The reason why my people get frustrated is because they grow weary of doing good.” Immediately I went to that verse in the bible Galatians 6:9. Of all the translations, I liked this one the most: “We can’t allow ourselves to get tired of living … Continue reading I’m Tired of Doing Good!

An Answered Prayer from an Unexpected Place

Most times I really wonder – does God care about my cries to Him? I’ve been praying to God about the mountains of problems, hurts, disappointments that have been in my heart. The things that weigh on me. The things that trouble me. And just one thing happened this morning that made me smile, and … Continue reading An Answered Prayer from an Unexpected Place

Wait On It

I have told the singles in our singles ministry from time to time “you have to wait to see true characteristics of a person”. When you’re dating, or even creating a friendship with another, that persons representative meets you first. You meet the charm, the good looks, the wit, the smooth talker and the glitz … Continue reading Wait On It