Small Faces Big Hearts


Small Faces Big Hearts Campaign is advocacy for Preventing Child Abuse.

“Open your mouth for those who cannot speak, and for the rights of those who are left without help.”

Proverbs 31:8

Small Faces Big Hearts is a Christian based campaign that promotes healthy childhoods and fights to prevent child abuse. Child abuse starts with adult mental health. So the mission of SFBH is to immerse into the hearts of adults – to become better parents, better disciplinarians and better role models for their children. This way, knowing that children are imitators of their parents, we can start healthy childhoods in their own homes. We provide online resources to help new and older parents with options, such as parenting classes and seminars. We provide helpful tips and options on the psychology of a child – and how that development plays a huge part in a parents frustration. We provide healthy alternatives to alleviate a parents frustration to deviate from taking it out on their own children. We also require community action – providing helpful tools how grandparents, schools, teachers and the church community can help with the problem.

Majority of our nation’s children are being robbed of a healthy childhood by those who they trust: parents, family and close family friends. There are many proven studies of how any type of childhood abuse can have long term and longtime effects on a child. Children are defenseless. They have no voice – a reason I believe perpetrators prey on them. We must give children a voice – and join in on the action concerning child abuse! When we do nothing – we become part of the problem.

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