Gold v. Gold Plated | Relationships

How do you walk into a marriage with such high hopes then left with no hope? You find yourself questioning God and yourself: Why did God allow this? Why was His promptings not as clear? Why was I not listening? I was excited – I dated, courted and fell in love with an anointed believer… Continue reading Gold v. Gold Plated | Relationships


Wait On It

I have told the singles in our singles ministry from time to time “you have to wait to see true characteristics of a person”. When you’re dating, or even creating a friendship with another, that persons representative meets you first. You meet the charm, the good looks, the wit, the smooth talker and the glitz… Continue reading Wait On It


May I Random?

Randomness… Whose Fault is it Anyway?My feelings are this… if I told you once before that I have no preference in getting involved with you more than a friendship/acquaintanceship level, and persistence still continues, then I am no longer obligated to repeat myself. Especially when I told you once or twice before. To me, if a… Continue reading May I Random?