When the Bad Things in Life are Ordered

I can’t help but feel that God sometimes order things to happen, so He can redirect our focus towards him. I was driving in to work one morning and all I could hear was – Jesus needed Judas. When I first learned of the story of Jesus crucifixion, I was so mad with Judas and how he… Continue reading When the Bad Things in Life are Ordered


But God, I Didn’t Sow This!

I found myself in a season where situations were popping up left and right in my life - things I know I plant. After a huge scare about three months ago that had me shook to my core, I was asking God "What did I do to reap this this type of havoc? And why is… Continue reading But God, I Didn’t Sow This!


The Choice to Find Joy

"The hope of righteous people leads to joy, but the eager waiting of wicked people comes to nothing." GW Proverbs 10:28 Being completely transparent: I lost my joy, again. It made me wonder, did I ever have it back to begin with? I mean, after having such and awful breakup when I was single, I… Continue reading The Choice to Find Joy