But God, I Didn’t Sow This!

I found myself in a season where situations were popping up left and right in my life - things I know I plant. After a huge scare about three months ago that had me shook to my core, I was asking God "What did I do to reap this this type of havoc? And why is… Continue reading But God, I Didn’t Sow This!


The Choice to Find Joy

"The hope of righteous people leads to joy, but the eager waiting of wicked people comes to nothing." GW Proverbs 10:28 Being completely transparent: I lost my joy, again. It made me wonder, did I ever have it back to begin with? I mean, after having such and awful breakup when I was single, I… Continue reading The Choice to Find Joy


Lord, Lord!

Is God really our Lord? When we say "God you are my Lord, my everything...I surrender to you," do we really mean it? Are we just saying it as formalities, because we hear others verbalize it when they wave their hands in worship? Is it something nice to say on Sundays during worship? Is it just we… Continue reading Lord, Lord!