Last Piece of Cake?

Any one of my ladies remember that saying “If the guy you’re interested in, offers you the last piece of cake, then he’s a keeper”? I don’t know why it’s embedded in me but in my mental, but when I fix my husband’s plate I always: Fix it before mines Give him the best pieces… Continue reading Last Piece of Cake?


Train Your Tastebuds

Why is it the things we need to eat and drink we have no desire for? I was really a person that didn't like drinking water at all. It wasn't flavorful, it wasn't sweet, it wasn't tasty. It was plain, and a pain to swallow. I'm sure in my childhood my sisters and I probably… Continue reading Train Your Tastebuds


A Love Lesson

It’s easy for you to love someone when they are loveable and easy to love. When they give you the butterflies and excitement in our stomach, or the flowers for no reason, or the gushy and mushy googly eyed conversations… That feeling in you wants to love them with all we have at that point! This is because we are taught… Continue reading A Love Lesson