Gold v. Gold Plated | Relationships

How do you walk into a marriage with such high hopes then left with no hope? You find yourself questioning God and yourself: Why did God allow this? Why was His promptings not as clear? Why was I not listening? I was excited – I dated, courted and fell in love with an anointed believer… Continue reading Gold v. Gold Plated | Relationships

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For Better, For Richer and in Health… | Marriage Chronicles

Several people have told me, and recently our counselor, “Marriage is hard, but it is worth it”. One day I was listening to Erica Campbell morning show as I was dropping baby girl off to school. That day, she was discussing marriage, and how hard it is. She said her husband admitted, “He really didn’t… Continue reading For Better, For Richer and in Health… | Marriage Chronicles


Choose to be Picky

As I was getting dressed this morning for work, I couldn’t help but glance at this bracelet that was given complimentary from ordering from I said to myself “I will put this on today.” Just reminding myself, I’m worth it. Not too long ago, my 15 year old niece said something to me that… Continue reading Choose to be Picky