2015 Has Taught Me…

  If I had to write a blog ending the 2015 year, it would be this one here. I looked around and couldn’t believe 2015 drifted by, and as of now, I lived 342 days of this year. I had weak moments. I had struggle times. I had joyful moments. I had happy times. Some… Continue reading 2015 Has Taught Me…


Let Your Words Speak Louder Than Your Words

...plainly - put your money where your mouth is! Because of the shifting of things and ideals at my place of employment... everything has been totally transformed into a new way of doing things. Even though my old company was bought under, and as I am writing this, I realized it really became a new place of employment.… Continue reading Let Your Words Speak Louder Than Your Words


Your Roots

Last year, at the end of Fall, I told the lawn maintenance people of my complex to cut the bush OUT in front of my house -- It was looking raggedy and unattractive. I told them to cut it at the roots. (Just because I wanted to plant another type of flower in my flower bed… Continue reading Your Roots